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Photo of Jeff KnappJK
Very crashy on iPad Air
I am having very frequent and quite random crashes. I am interested in purchasing CP Truck and am checking out the car version first (no ...
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Photo of BruceB
Planning a trip
Can I load all the hotels in Europe I will use before I go as favorites?  Must I locate them on a map?  Can several routes be preloaded?
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Photo of Jose Fret
I paid $ 9.99 on July 27, still says I have to upgrade cause my trial version expired. Wha can I do? I want a refund, I paid thru Google ...
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Photo of Martin WardMW
Note 4 issues
I am having two issue with copilot on my nbrand ew note 4. My copilot premind version is on a Note 4 running kitkat 4.4.4 Fi...
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