PCM550 update / routing issues

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I have a PC*MILER Navigator 550
Data: GRD_ALK.NA.2011.
Cities: CTY_ALK.NA.2011.

I have installed CoPilot 2 onto my laptop. I can't find how to update the North American map. There is no update map option.

Why does the routing keep giving me the number of miles to a river, or a bridge?
Why does the routing give me miles to a highway exit that I DO NOT NEED? This has caused me to miss my exit a few times because it was so busy telling me to stay on current highway that I went past my exit (both exits are about 500 feet apart) before it told me what exit I needed. Very annoying.

I just want to know the number of miles to MY exit, and if the highway has a "Y" split, a warning letting me know which way to go.

Also, the unit keeps locking up on me at random times. The map image will still scroll, but the bottom status bar and side bar with turn info doesn't change. I have to use the reset button on the back to get it to work again.

Rich Foultz

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Posted 2 years ago

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Tony Vance

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I wish I had the copilot live on my g.p.s, but cannot even get the updates for my 550, roads are not correct, still saying I need to register with copilot but it does not even exist. so tech told me to go into file and delete the save file. every time my unit is off for awhile I have to hook it back to computer and delete it again.

1coldaxe .

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I just buy my pc miler navigator 550 on 07/01/2013 and I cant register it at alk.com, I down load the copilot central 2.0 on my desktop and I cant create account with it also I ask what I don't know or what I am missing I need HELP HELP with it.

Tony Vance

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You can never register the unit, you just have to delete the file save .exe in the copilot file.