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Photo of Martin WardMW
Note 4 issues
I am having two issue with copilot on my nbrand ew note 4. My copilot premind version is on a Note 4 running kitkat 4.4.4 Fi...
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Photo of BrianB
Copilot and windows 8.1
I have a linx 7" Windows 8.1 tablet with a GPS receiver to run Memory Map on. I want to run Copilot on it as well. I cannot find any defi...
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Photo of jasonJ
A volume question.
Is it possible to lower the volume of the voice guidance with in copilot.  I often use bluetooth or an AUX connection to play music.  I l...
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Photo of JohnJ
Google Search
Could give up if this doesn't seem easy soon.  I know where I am going, but it doesn't appear on map.  I don't know the exact address so ...
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