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Photo of Henry Armitage
3D Zoom Issue
From about 20th December 2014, I've not been able to zoom out very far at all on CoPilot. The above screenshot is the maximum zoomed ou...
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Photo of alex.lyon2A
Larger Off button
I think it would be beneficial to increase the size of the Off button. When I reach familiar roads I like to turn off navigation, but thi...
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  • Idea
  • Under Consideration
Photo of Victor Gee
Map Faults
So far I've experienced two major problems with CoPilot software. One time, CoPilot told me to go down a one way street. The second tim...
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Photo of Tom RoeTR
Sorting My Places
My Places used to automatically sort the entries alphabetically. Now it does not and just puts the newest entry at the top of the list. I...
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